Sensory Deprivation – And Why It Rocks

If you’re new to bondage play, you may not have heard of sensory deprivation. This practice has been around for ages, but is only now beginning to take hold in the larger BDSM community.

However, sensory deprivation can be not only a lot of fun for a submissive, but a great deal of fun for a Dominant. As with other bondage and BDSM techniques, it is vastly important to be safe when practicing sensory deprivation, and to make sure that both the Top and bottom are on the same page when it comes to consent and enjoyment.

Once you know what kinds of things you can expect when practicing sensory deprivation, you’re ready to begin. Talk to your partner, make sure that you’re both thinking along the same lines, and start thinking about ways you can use sensory deprivation as part of your everyday lives – or just in your bedroom bondage play, whichever appeals to you.

Sensory Deprivation Heightens Feelings of Vulnerability

“You cannot explain the feeling”

This is possibly the most important thing to remember about sensory deprivation when you’re first beginning to think about the idea of practicing it. If you want to heighten your partner’s responses, think about why they are heightened. Your partner is not feeling normal.

Most sensory deprivation sessions begin with a kind of bondage. Perhaps the submissive person is bound on her back, perhaps on her hands and knees, or perhaps she is suspended; as a rigger, you know that the options for her positions are endless. During a sensory deprivation session, at least one of her senses has to be completely cut off. The most common kind of sensory deprivation currently practiced is of course the blindfold. However, there are other ways to deprive someone of senses, including utilizing earplugs and a nose clamp along with the blindfold.

Especially if your submissive is currently in a suspension rig, it’s extremely important for you to realize the state of vulnerability that he or she is currently experiencing. Every sensation your bound partner experience is due to your desires. If he or she is lying on a bed, they at least have the option to wriggle and feel the touch of the sheets. Suspended, they do not even have this ability, and are wholly dependent on you for something as mundane as touch, and contact to the world.

Sensory Deprivation Heightens Other Sensations

“Other sensations are heightened”

You may have heard that blind people have enhanced senses of hearing. This also applies for the person that you’re carefully binding, teasing, and playing with. Be aware that she or he will not be feeling normal; this person may be in subspace at the current moment, a state that can feel like a euphoric, weightless floating that takes away all cares and leaves them feeling immensely happy in a strange way. The first time a sub experiences this, it can be overwhelming, so make certain that your sub is never left alone for even a moment while you’re practicing sensory deprivation.

While many people on bondage sites are worried about meeting Tops that aren’t careful of their bottoms, it can be equally damaging to meet a sub who is unconscious of her or his own reaction to sensations, and her or his own responses to that kind of stimuli. Make sure to read reviews of bondage dating sites before you commit to being part of one; if you find that too many of the people on the site have reported meeting people that are not good at taking care of themselves, you may need to find another site to use. Sites like have large bondage communities that are usually very good at making sure the members are happy, healthy, and safe.

Sensory Deprivation In Modern Culture

“Now we have sensory deprivation tanks”

Sensory deprivation is making a recent surge into modern times-it is no surprise that when something is so effective at heightening the senses, it has exploded in popularity. For example, there are many bars, clubs, and restaurants that have popped up in the last several years that emphasize the importance of eating (or drinking, or dancing, or anything) in complete darkness.

Opaque, a restaurant and lounge in Los Angeles, has led the pack for years in providing an intriguing and intimate dining experience, where patrons are led carefully to tables in complete darkness. There are many copycat bars and other restaurants, but Opaque is one of the best places to experience the world of sensory deprivation as it applies to a broader culture than the rest of BDSM.

Reading reviews of bondage sites can help you find out whether the site you plan to use is one that will be good about providing partners, guides, and sessions about sensory deprivation, and whether you want to use it. If you’re very taken with the idea of trying out this new sensation, you may want to be totally sure that the bondage dating site you’re on is one that will take care of you in this way.

Sensory Deprivation as Torture

“This mask can be used”

Any time sensations can be heightened; there will be people that will misuse the technique. A good Top can use sensory deprivation to enhance the experience of his sub tenfold, and make sure that he or she is begging for more no matter how shaking the experience can be.

Sensory deprivation in the hands of a bad or domineering Top can be a bad experience. This can be something that is done more for His pleasure than anything else, and it’s very important that you make sure not to meet people like this on bondage dating sites. If you’re not sure, check out some reviews of bondage dating sites to ensure that you’re not setting yourself up for some serious hard issues in the future. If you are serious about bondage dating then visit and find out the legit sites first.

Sensory Deprivation and Safety

As with any kind of BDSM, aftercare and care during the process of sensory deprivation is of complete and utmost importance. If you want to practice this, you have to find a good practitioner and ask to practice with them. If you can’t trust the person you’re practicing with, this is not a safe thing to do.

If your submissive goes into subspace, then as a Dominant, you have to be ready for this. Make sure to have everything nearby you would always have in an emergency bondage kit, such as safety scissors, water for hydration, and a first-aid kit. If your sub starts experiencing any kind of episode, make sure you know her or him well enough to bring that person out of subspace and back to a comfortable mental state. This is an advanced technique, and shouldn’t be practiced by people who don’t know what they’re doing.

If you want to get into sensory deprivation but you’re not sure where to start, a blindfold is a good way to introduce gentle elements of this practice into your bondage life. If both of you enjoy it, go ahead and take small steps forward. Just be aware that this can be an intense physical and emotional experience, and plan accordingly. You don’t want to be the kind of Dom that sends their subs running for the hills after a bad experience, you want to be the kind who brings them back for more.

Getting to Know Apple’s New Product – the iWatch


Apple has never run out of ideas when it comes to innovations that will affect the course of history. Surely the late Steve Jobs has inculcated a good culture in Apple. This culture can be summed up as a culture of excellence, quality, functionality, and success – starting from the iPod to the iPhone and finally the iPad. These are devices that are very successful and have become standards that many manufacturers try to imitate. In Apple’s relentless pursuit of producing revolutionary products, they have created the iWatch.

What is the iWatch?

Apple applies for iWatch

Apple applies for iWatch

The iWatch is a smart watch being developed by Apple. It is not just any other smart watch. It is more of a mini-computer inside the body of a wearable watch. This is not a just a “mini” computer too. It is a real computer stuffed with full and workable operating software. It is also a device that is dubbed to have lots of wonderful features. There were also rumors saying that this device will let you connect to other Apple devices. It will also support apps making it truly revolutionary.

What are the specifications of the iWatch?

There is no clear information on the iWatch so far because Apple has really been mum about their new device. There have been rumors and reports though creating a buzz about the device. It was reported that Apple will use a very flexible material which can be folded like paper. They call it the Willow Glass. Another important feature is that the device is Bluetooth-enabled and can connect to other Apple products. So far there is no information leak pertaining to the size of the device. Most pundits are speculating that this watch will have a touch screen display like other Apple devices.



When will it be available on the market?

As of the moment, everything about the iWatch is just speculation. The release date is also among the highly anticipated and speculated topic when it comes to the iWatch. Many said that it will be released on the third or fourth quarter of 2013. This speculation actually came from Bloomberg, a very popular site for business and finance. However, till this time, the iWatch has not been released and Apple is really trying to make it a surprise. The best possible bet, according to sources, is that the device will be launched on 1st quarter of 2014.

Apple has made a great impact in technology. They have created products that are not only functional, but are also easy to use. Every step the company is trying to make has become a standard that other companies follow. Watch out for the iWatch because it will be another trendsetter once it goes out of the box.

First Date 101: 3 Ways to Stay Safe


Before you will actually know if you can have a relationship with a particular man or woman, you will have to engage in a series of dates. However, before you decide to have a second date, there is always going to be the first date. Safety is a main concern for both men and women when it comes to first dates. A lot of things can happen and you may end up getting very unlucky. You have to stay safe during the first meeting. Here are 3 ways to ensure your safety.

1. Get a background of your date

engagement photos

engagement photos

Before you go out for your first date, it is critical that you know the background of your date. You can search in Google or social media sites about the type of person you are going to meet. If this is not possible, you can try asking for his or her number so you can talk on the phone. As a rule, gentlemen should be the one give out their numbers first. If you are a girl and a man does not give his number to you, then pass up on him. There is no legitimate reason that a man cannot give out his number first. Have a conversation on the phone once or twice and get a feel of the person you are going to meet.

2. Date in a place full of people

Privacy is important when dating. However, there is no reason to get private and intimate during the first date. This is more of a feeling stage to determine if you want to see this person for a second time. Dating in public is beneficial because it can keep you safe if unpleasant situations might arise. Also, keep the date short. The ideal place to have this date is in coffee shops, bookstores, or any place where there are a lot of people. If you are leaving, do not allow your date to bring you home. You do not know this person yet, so do not give the person an opportunity where the two of you will be alone.

3. Don’t give out your personal information

During the first date it is normal that your date will ask questions about you. Be intelligent with your answers. As much as possible, avoid answering questions where you are required to share sensitive info. Don’t give out home or work addresses as a safety precaution. You need someone who can make you happy and not someone that will continuously stalk you.



Dating is fun. However, first dates can be unsafe. When going on a first date, your safety should be the main concern. You do not know what kind of people you are going to meet for the first time. What you have is just a perception of who they are. Always be vigilant and keep yourself safe to prevent complications.

3 Ways to Decrease Back Pains

How to Relieve Back Pain

How to Relieve Back Pain

Back pains are the most common complaint by adults of different ages. Most causes of this pain manifests from the joints, muscle, nerves, bones and other parts of the spine. There are 5 out of ten working individuals who experience back pains. The symptoms that usually take place are numbness, tingling, swelling at the back from mild to severe. It also affects your shoulders down to the lower back and sometimes the pain reaches your arms and legs. However, reducing the pain is possible through these three easy ways:

Avoid Lifting Heavy Things

Our spine is the central organ that maintains our balance, position or posture. If you experience back pains, the joints and muscles and our spine gets even more stressed out which will worsen the situation. If you lift more weight see to it that it is not too heavy. A lot of workaholic people do not realize that by lifting heavy things, you are only bringing more damage to your spine, bones and muscles. Doing these things can definitely trigger back pains.

Stretches to Relieve Lower Back

Stretches to Relieve Lower Back

Get Some Peaceful and Relaxing Rest

Lying flat and straight can help reduce back pains. If our body is in this position our back and other parts of the spine is on a relaxed condition and thus lessens the pain. Do not lie on bed foam as your back won’t get to fully rest if it’s in a curved position. Do not lie also sideward as this position is more stressful. Use a thick blanket and put it on a wooden flat surface or even right on your floor to keep your back in a straight position.

Medications and Other Helpful Measures

There are lots of over-the-counter painkillers that do not need any prescription by doctors. These pain killers can reduce even extreme pains. Warm or cold compress bags are helpful also. Put ice or hot water on the compress bag to and gently tap it around the painful area. Gently apply on the area for several minutes before proceeding to other areas.

There are lots of ways to reduce back pains no matter how mild or severe the pain is. The sad fact, however, is that a lot of people neglect to take care of their back and even ignore it when pains start without knowing that if not treated could lead to serious health trouble. It is always a good and secure thing to do to see a doctor for proper diagnosis when these back pains occur to find out what’s causing them. This will help you avoid extreme situations which would possibly need you to go through a complicated process or even worse, a back surgery. This is why it’s very important to get your back checked as soon as possible.

3 Things Your Listing Should Include That Will Guarantee a Sold House!

If you play words just right on a real estate listing, you will attract more potential buyers and have a high chance of getting it sold. Though pictures might paint a thousand words, a smart pinch of phrases can give a good lead for your valuable property.

Descriptions say everything about your home since buyers haven’t visited your home yet. It’s a must to carefully plan the things you should include in your listing or else, never get a hit at all. Here are 3 things that your listing shouldn’t miss to guarantee your house will sell:

  1. Include amenities and specific description

Amenities refer to anything that plays a beneficial role in a potential occupants stay in your home, and they want to know what they are. You can start populating your listing by writing down how many bathrooms there are and bedrooms as well. To attract more attention, talk about any hidden rooms, calming views from the porch or the terrace, famous mountains that can be seen from any window of the house, family gardens, and even good spots for tea, yoga, or barbecue parties.

Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar

Provide any information that your real estate agent didn’t include that will give your house an edge over competitors. You may want to include very specific details like a new painted pink room, or replaced bathroom tiles and why they had to be replaced in the first place. If you have slate roofing or metal roofing, try to include that as well. Even separate closet rooms and a finished basement can give a difference already. Never leave out the details they want to hear about it.

  1. Word play with proper use of vocabulary and grammar

Listing is all about writing and fancy words will never work if they’re poorly coupled. Use the right adjectives that describe your home best and not upstage it. Avoid using words like “the best” home or “royal” abode. Stick to humble and modest adjectives like “warm and cozy” home or “beautiful and lovely” abode.

Bad grammar can mean poor agent representation. Potential buyers will look over your listing and proceed to more coherent listings. Even if you have an agent, check the listing yourself if there are erroneous spellings and sentence constructions.

How to De-Crapify Your Home

How to De-Crapify Your Home

Also, coupled words like “great deal” and “priced to sell” can attract more customers even if prices are at par with competition. “awesome offer” works well with lower priced properties.

  1. Sell the lifestyle

A house is a home for memories and pitching that in just might help closing a deal. Telling customers about frequent barbecue parties at the back, yoga by the terrace at early morn, and even late night dates with mister by the family garden can sell so much. Remember, selling a home is selling the wonderful life customers can have living in your abode.

Always remember to include the most important selling points of your house in the first few sentences of your listing. You’re not just selling a home, you’re selling a lifestyle. Have fun thinking of wonderful things to include in your listing!

5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read Because they are Eye-Opening

Not everything can be learned from books but certain books can really help. In the world of entrepreneurship, learning is both theoretical and actual and some books record the funny reality, the scary reality and the surprising reality of actual events, happenings and real scenarios of life at work, as an employee, a boss, or a business owner. These 5 books are real eye-openers that is why every entrepreneur or entrepreneur-to-be should read them all. There are lots to learn and many of which will bring you laughter because you know first hand it had happened to you or you know it happened to someone you know in a funny realization way. There are lessons to learn in each book so keep on reading.

The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams, 1997

What is happening in the office? Scott Adams has a way of putting it into comic strips since 1989. The Dilbert principle is putting the most ineffective office workers where they will do the least damage (which is the management). The book attacks the corporate normal life using real-life examples featuring management incompetence, continually changing management trends, super high egos and bottomless bureaucracies, long, long meetings, internet confusion and a lot more. The bizarre absurdities of life in the corporate world and it are so funny because any office worker can relate so much. It’s not just a funny book but lessons can be learned if you look at it that way.

The Complete Yes Minister by Jonathan Lynn & Anthony Jay, 1989

10 Eye-Opening Books Every Entrepr

10 Eye-Opening Books Every Entrepr

The book, Complete Yes Minister, is a written version of the TV series with the title Yes Minister, which started as innocuous spoof on what is happening between the British politicians and the civil servants. The perception on how the British people are governed, where civil servants are the real rulers, the ministers kept in the dark and making sure that the politicians are blamed. It’s satirical and being on the British setting, you need to understand British comedy. It is eye-opening and lessons are amusing.

Poorly Made in China by Paul Midler, 2009

Everywhere you look, it seems that everything sold in the grocery, department or hardware stores are made in China. How do they do it? Paul Midler has chronicled his experiences while he worked with an American businessman whose products for his companies are made in communist-controlled China. The Chinese can do the job at low, low prices, but heavily affecting the quality of the products, widening their profit margin. The book is a collection of real stories of tactics that may surprise you.

Don’t Bring it to Work by Sylvia Lafair, 2009

Business Books

Business Books

Sylvia Lafair was able to compile a different office worker personality that affects their work. She has identified the 13 most common patterns, namely, the persecutor, the avoider, the denier, the super-achiever, the rebel, the victim, the drama king or queen, the procrastinator, the clown, the splitter, the pleaser, the martyr, and the rescuer. As an example, the persecutor humiliates others, pointing at their faults, judging, demanding and blaming, behaving like a bully. Everyone is afraid of the persecutor, thus, no resolution occurs. What could your employees be?

21 Dirty Tricks at Work by Mike Phipps & Colin Gautrey, 2005

Don’t be the victim of office workers who got their own agenda. They are the manipulators that make office politics dangerous. Mike Phipps and Colin Gautrey warn their readers the 21 dirty tricks at work so you will be forewarned, to be forearmed.


As a budding entrepreneur, or even if you have been one for some time, reading these books will open your eyes. Make sure to grab them all and make them part of your to-do list sooner than later.